News on Arbitration


N° 1

158 1- Decree of authorizing the publication of the "Lebanese Journal of Arab and International Arbitration".

158 2- Decree authorizing the constitution of the "Lebanese Arbitration Association".

159 3- The Lebanese Court of Arbitration.

160 4- The First Forum of the Arab Arbitrators in Beirut (November 25, 1995).

N° 2

64 1- Damascus Conference on Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution (ADR).

65 2- Beirut Euro-Arab Arbitration Conference, held in Beirut on December 17, 18 and 19, 1996.

68 3- The Second Declaration of the International Conference on "Recent Trends in Laws of International Business and Investments", at the Center of the Arab Countries League in Cairo, December 2 to December 5, 1996.

N° 4

  - The Kuwait Conference (April 27 to April 29, 1997) on the practical problems of international arbitration in disputes relating to business and to international investments, and ways to solve them.

N° 7


- Unification of the Lebanese Arbitration Centers.

- Creation of the Adjudications' Board.

N° 11


65 Arbitration Rules of the Lebanese Arbitration Center.

N° 14/15

(Beirut Conference, october 1999

A- French section

33    - 1- Speech of Mr. Boutros Boutros GHALI

33    - 2- Speech of Mr. Robert BRINER

34    - 3- Speech of Mr. Assaad SAWAYA

B- Arabic Section

134  - 1 - Opening Speech of the Prime Minister Mr. Salim EL HOSS

135  -2- Speech of Mr. Adnan EL KASSAR

135  -3- Conference recommendations

136  -4- Circular N°14/2000 of April 7, 2000 relating to a required prior authorization for recourse of public entities to arbitration, with comments, by Ziad BAROUD  

N° 19

French Section


- Publication ceremony for “chronicles of Lebanese Private Law” by Mr. Ibrahim NAJJAR 

- Address by Professor Hervé LECUYER 

- Address of thanks By Professor Ibrahim NAJJAR

Arabic Section

- Publication ceremony for “Chronicles of Lebanese Private Law” by Ibrahim NAJJAR. 

- Address by M. Michel LYAN. 

- Address by M. Fayez HAGE CHAHINE.  

N° 20


- Decision No 51/2000 of the Lebanese Arbitration Center relating to arbitrator’s fees.  


N° 28


- Annulment of ICSID awards: the impact of recent decisions, Washington D.C. – April 1, 2003,By Roland ZIADÉ.

N° 29

-         Summary of the lecture given by Professor Jean-François Poudret on the Specificities of French Arbitration Law in light of Comparative Law. (Paris, October 14th, 2003), by Roland ZIADÉ.

N° 30

- Report on the conference of “Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration”, (Casablanca, March 3rd and 4th, 2004),
by Abdel Hamid EL AHDAB.

- Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution : Concilation, Mediation, Arbitration, by Hady El Mounzer,
by Ibrahim NAJJAR.

N° 33

- 11 March 2003, in memoriam Philippe FOUCHARD,by Charles JARROSSON.

- Fundamental right to justice,by Nasri DIAB.

N° 36

- Report of the Franco Arab seminar on arbitration of the Franco-Arab Chamber of Commerce,By Nathalie NAJJAR.

 - Report on the seminar held in Sharm el-Sheikh on “Efficiency of state justice in arbitration”.

N° 37


- ICC inaugurates international mediation competition.

- “Handbook of ICC Arbitration – Commentary, Precedents Materials”, by Bühler and Nasri DIAB.

N° 39

 - Second competition on international commercial mediation.

 - United Arab Emirates joins the New York Convention.

N° 41

- Arbitration in the Arab countries, Tunisia Congress, 17-18 may 2007.

N° 47


-Report on the Seminar on the “international investments agreements” signed by Lebanon that took place at the ministry of Finance in Beirut on the 31st October 2008.

- Final Report on the arbitration congress that was held under the patronage of the Arab Union for International Arbitration, Amman, Jordan, 19-21/12/2008.


N° 54


-          Enactment of a new arbitration law in Hong Kong

-          Publishing of Ahmed Ouerfelli’s, Arbitration in the Tunisian Case-Law,

N° 60

-          The last case law emanating from the Russian Commercial Tribunal of the 1/9/2012