Legislation and Arbitration Rules



N 1

122 Lebanon :

Articles 762 to 821 of the New Lebanese Code of Civil

Procedure (Legislative Decree No 90/83 amended by Legislative Decree No 20/85), July 1st, 1985.


127 Egypt :

Civil and Commercial Arbitration Law, No 27/1994.


133 Kuwait :

Law 11, 1995 on Civil and Commercial Arbitration -

Response to the administration of legal affairs-


142 Tunisia :

Law No 42/1993 of April 26, 1993 concerning the publication of the "Arbitration Code".


152 Syria :

Project for the addition of articles 775 to 811 to the Commercial Code.


154 The New York Convention

The New-York Convention of June 10, 1958, on international arbitration awards.



N 2


58 Law No 166/92, authorization of the Government to ratify the

Arab Convention on Commercial Arbitration signed in Amman

on the 14/4/1987.

58 The Amman Arab Convention on Commercial Arbitration, 14/4/1987.

61 - Decision concerning the creation of the Arab Center

of Commercial Arbitration.

62 - Text of the Amendment of the Judicial Treaty between Syria and Lebanon of 26/9/1996 (amending the treaty signed on 25/2/1951).

Lebanon- Legislation on Domestic Arbitration

64 - The new Section 4 of Article 738 of the New Code of Civil

Procedure amended by Law No 529/96 of June 20, 1996 (Official

Gazette 1996, No 26, of 27/6/1996, page 1367) concerning the admission of the recourse in cassation in case of annulment of an arbitral award.

64 - Article 1 Section "D" and Article 2 of the Decision No 1377 of 2/5/1991 regulating the payment of the proportional tax to the Bar Associations of Beirut and Tripoli.


N 4


D/ Laws and International Conventions :

1/ Lebanon and Syria :

Law No 629 of April 23, 1997, authorizing the Government to ratify the amendment of the Lebanese-Syrian Judicial Convention of February 25, 1951, chapter three (Arbitration and Arbitral Awards in commercial matters).

2/ Ratification by Lebanon of the New York Convention of 1958 :

Law No 629 of April 23, 1997, published in the Official Gazette No 21 of May 8, 1997, authorizing the government to ratify the New York Convention on the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.


N 8

71 -UNCITRAL Model Law

78 -Experts of the Riyad Convention On Judicial Cooperation.

81 -Arbitration Law of the Sultanate of Oman.

88 -The Accession of Bahrain to The New York Convention.


N 9


12- The New "LCIA" Rules (1st January 1998)


N 10

15- New York Convention (in French) of June 10,1958


N 11


48 1- The Jordanian arbitration law n 18/1963 and the 1997 amendment project

57 2- The model law of international arbitration in Bahrein (1985).

63 3- The Bahreini procedures and arbitration code.


N 12

- Federal Swiss law on private international law of December 18, 1987 (Extracts).


N 16

New York Convention

- Law no. 189/2000 of 24 May 2000 relating to the correction of the (Lebanese version of the) text of the New York Convention of 10 June 1958.


N 18

- European Convention on International Commercial Arbitration of 21 April 1961.




-Decision no. 7540 of the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, on the determination of conditions for the establishment and the exercise of leasing companies in Lebanon.  


-Decision no. 71 of the Superior Customs Council, on the procedure for transfer of litigation files to arbitration committees and the conditions for taking specimens and taxpayer commitments preceding the arbitration.


N 19


- The new law on arbitration n 31/2001.  

N 20


- Draft Law concerning the amendment of some articles of the Code of Civil Procedure relating to Arbitration.


N 21

- Palestine: Arbitration Law No 3 of 2000, with preliminary comment, by Loubna KATBEH.


N 23



 - The ICC ADR Rules in force since July 1st, 2001 and the ICC ADR Guide.


 - Law N 360/2001 of August 16, 2001, concerning the promotion of investments in Lebanon.

 - Law N 403/2002 authorizing Lebanon to join the Arbitration Convention of the World Bank (ICSID) of March 18,1965.

 - Law N 393/2002 authorizing the government to grand two licenses of exploitation of mobile phone concessions.

- Decree N 6806 modifying few Articles of the New Code of Civil Procedure relating to arbitration. 


- Convention on the enforcement of laws, delegations and judicial decisions of the States of the Gulf Countries Cooperation Council.  


N 24

- Translation of the law n 440 of July 29, 2002, modifying few articles of the New Code of Civil Procedure relating to arbitration, by M. SFEIR SLIM.


N 26

-               Arbitration rules in the Judicial Review.

-               Cairo convention for the enforcement of decisions; September 14, 1952.


N 28

- UNCITRAL model law on international commercial arbitration.


N 29

- LEBANON : Law n 575 Islamic banking in Lebanon.

- Islamic banking in Lebanon A brief presentation of the new law, by Nasri Antoine DIAB.

 - Morocco: Amendment of the arbitration code project.


N 30

 - The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Law of July 27, 2003: Trust and trust deeds.

  - Decree n 7484 concerning the submission of a law proposal to the Parliament relating to the amendment of the Legislative Decree n 34/67 (Commercial Representation).

- Decree n 11961 concerning the return of the Law relating to the amendment of the Legislative Decree n 34/67 (Commercial Representation) to the Parliament for being reconsidered.


N 37

- Saudi rules for the practice of the profession of lawyer.

- Arbitration Rules of Saudi Arabia (n M/46, 12/3/1403h).

N 38


-               Saudi Arabia, By-law implementing arbitration rules.


N 42

 Sultanate of Oman: Modification of Royal By-Law n47/1997.


N 44


- Moroccan Dahir n 1-07-169 of 19 Kaada 1428 (30th November 2007) promulgating law n 08-05 that repeals and replaces chapter VIII of title V of Moroccan CCP of 28 September 1974, related to arbitration and conventional mediation.      


N 45

- Algeria: Law n 08/09 of 25/2/2008 modifying the articles 970 to 977 and 990 to 1065 of the New Code of Civil and Administrative Procedure.

- New Syrian law of 17/3/2008 on commercial arbitration repealing articles 506 to 534 of code of procedure by - law n 84 of 1953 and its modifications.


N 46

- Moroccan Dahir n 1-07 169 of 19 Kaada 1428 (30th November 2007), enacting law n 08 05 repealing and replacing chapter VIII of title V of Moroccan Civil Code of Procedure of 28 September 1974 related to arbitration and conventional meditation.


N 49


French Section


-               Bilateral Treaty of Cooperation between the Lebanese Government and the French Government on cooperation in family matters.



Arabic Section




-               Law n 7 of 2000 for the creation of committees for conciliation in certain disputes involving the ministers and public moral persons.




-               Draft Law on Judicial Mediation.




-               Arab Draft Law proposing conciliation and amicable resolution.



N 51




-                      Law related to arbitration of 2005


-                      Arab Centre of Arbitration of SUDAN : Rules of arbitration of the Centre



N 53



-                      French draft law on arbitration

-                      UNCITRAL rules as amended in 2010 (In Arabic and French)


N 54



-                      Enactment of a new arbitration law in Hong Kong

-                      Publishing of Ahmed Ouerfellis, Arbitration in the Tunisian Case-Law



N 55



- The amendments provisions, dated 13 January 2011.


- Prime Minister Report over the Decree n 2011-48, dated 13 January 2011,

By the Ministry of Justice and Liberties.




N 60


-          The New Saudi Regulation on Arbitration

(Regulation n 156 of 17/5/1433 h- equivalent to 8 June 2012)